Hidden Asbestos Dangers Lurking In Your Home

Are you thinking about doing some home renovation? Did you know that there could be hidden dangers lurking in your home right now? The older your home is and the more original building materials are in your home, the more likely it is that some of those materials contain asbestos. Unfortunately, it's often impossible to tell whether or not a particular item contains asbestos or not if you're simply looking at it. Read More 

Tips For Improving Your Recycling

If you have to pay for trash service by the bag, there's a good chance that you really want to try to reduce the amount of waste that you produce. One excellent way to do this is to increase the amount of recycling that you do. Here are some tips for improving your recycling so that it's easier and becomes a bigger percentage of your overall waste. 1. Compost One way to reduce the amount of waste that you're producing is to increase the amount of material that you are composting. Read More