Four Reasons to Give Your HOA to Talk Them Into Allowing Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are one of the most desirable upgrades for homes these days. Installing solar panels can help you to decrease your electricity bills and it can help you to become automatically green. If you want to install a solar panel on your roof, chances are you will be able to do so at your will. If you live in a community with an HOA, sometimes you will have to get permission to make additions that affect the way that the outside of your home looks. Here are four reasons that you can use to help plead your case with a stern HOA. 

Better home values

One of the best things about adding a solar panel is the attractiveness of the homes to a potential homebuyer. Many homebuyers on the market are looking for a home that has efficient use of energy. Other buyers will only purchase a home that has green features. This can increase the attractiveness of your home and help to increase home values. Look up homes similar to yours and show how the value may be increased by allowing solar panel installation. This may lead to others in the neighborhood exploring solar panel installation. 

Increased green conscious neighborhood

For many, solar panels are just the first step to a green neighborhood. The next steps that may follow are neighborhood recycling, clean up days, and community gardens with tree planting. Neighborhoods with these features are attractive to upscale buyers and those who are invested in a nice environment. HOAs tend to want to have a neighborhood with active participants in making sure that the area is as attractive as possible. 

Panels make a property look good

One of the biggest reasons why HOAs will have issues with allowing owners to build structures on their property is the fear that the addition will look tacky or stick out in a terrible way. Showing proof of prior installation with pictures from the solar panel firm you will be using can set the HOA board at ease. Be sure to show the angle that the panels will be installed and let the board know how many panels you plan on having when submitting your project for approval. 

Lower bills for the common spaces

Along with showing how homes would benefit from solar panel installation, it is also a good idea to show how the common area energy usage will decrease. This means that the HOA fees can be better put to use on other projects. This can lead to more services and attractive community items being created for the neighborhood. 

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